Apply for a lot line adjustment

How to apply for a lot line adjustment:

  1. Make an appointment with the Development Review Engineer to determine which regulations apply to your project and what materials you need to provide.
  2. Submit a completed application signed by all affected property owners and required materials to the Planning Division. (See instructions on reverse side.) The initial application fee for a Lot Line Adjustment is a $6,000.00 deposit to be used for cost of staff review time and materials (no maximum), billed on a monthly basis.
  3. Within 30 days of submittal of application, the Development Review Engineer will notify you whether your application is complete or if additional information or revised plans need to be submitted.
  4. When the Lot Line Adjustment is approved by the City, a Notice of Lot Line Adjustment will be recorded. This approval is valid for one (1) year from the date of recordation.
  5. The lot lines will be adjusted once the owner(s) record the new deeds, reflecting the new parcel boundaries.

For more information, please call Planning at 510.583.4200 or visit our webpage:

Planning Division