Street sweeping

Staff sweeps City streets every two weeks. Street sweeping provides two main benefits. By removing leaves and other debris that collect in the gutters, sweeping prevents localized flooding during heavy rains. Sweeping also removes metal particles and other hazardous waste products left by passing vehicles. If left on the roadway, these waste products can be harmful to fish and other wildlife once they reach our creeks, rivers or the bay.

Many streets become No Parking zones on street sweeping days to allow sweepers clear access to clean the curbside area. Please note your street sweeping day and time, and plan to move any vehicles out of the roadway of those days. Find your street sweeping day and time by viewing the Street Sweeping Schedule in Handouts.

The City posts "No Parking" signs on street sweeping routes to assist residents in knowing when to move vehicles out of the road so that sweepers can clean the street. All Street Sweeping Citations are processed through our vendor, Data Ticket. Should you have a question regarding a Street Sweeping traffic ticket, please visit Data Ticket.

You can make a service request online via Access Hayward.