Stormwater Treatment Measures Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Inspection Report

Development Requirements

Provision C.3, a component of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Regional Permit (MRP), requires a new development and redevelopment projects to incoroporate stormwater treatment measures.

Urban runoff is a major contributor of stormwater pollution. Stormwater treatment systems reduce the amount of pollutants entering our local creeks and the Bay by filtering runoff and debris. 

Post Development Requirements

Stormwater treatment systems require regular maintenance in order to function effectively and adequately remove pollutants and debris. The resonsibility for the maintenance of stormwater treatment measures belongs to the property owners/operators. To assure that stormwater treatment systems are being maintained, the City of Hayward requires property owners/operators to submit self-certifying Stormwater Treatment Measures Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Annual Inspection Reports. Stormwater treatment systems need to be maintained in accordance with the respetive maintenance plan and checklist that is incorporated in the recorded Stormwater Treratment Measures Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Agreement.

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What do I need to submit?

O&M Annual Inspection Reports, along with the respective checklist for the stormwater treatment system(s) on the propoerty, should be submitted annually by December 31st. Although reports are not submitteduntil December 31st, inspections should be performed August 1st-October 1st.

O&M Annual Inspection Report

Where do I need to submit O&M Annual Inspection Reports?

O&M Annual Inspection Reports can be submitted via email to, or via mail to Water Pollution Source Control located at 2499 Soto Road, Hayward, CA 94544.


Call Water Pollution Source Control at 510.881.7900 or email us at

Operation and Maintenance Fact Sheet