Aircraft noise management

The City of Hayward has specified noise limits for aircraft operating at the Hayward Executive Airport as part of the Aircraft Noise Ordinance. Noise abatement and operational procedures for pilots have also been established and are strictly enforced. A Noise Abatement Procedures Guide is also made available to pilots so they are aware of areas to avoid.

To file a complaint:

There are two ways to make complaints about aircraft noise and overflights to and from the Hayward Executive Airport:

  1. Call the Airport Noise Information Line at 510.293.8692 and leave a message.
  2. Submit a Service Request using:


Please refer complaints about large aircraft, like a Boeing 737, to the Oakland Noise Complaint Line at 510.563.6463. These large aircraft do not operate at the Hayward Executive Airport, and we do not have control over their flight.

Please include the following in your complaint referral:

  • Your name, address, phone number and email
  • Date and time of the event (overflight or noise)
  • Type of aircraft involved (color, number of engines and other distinguishing aircraft features)
  • Whether you want staff to return your call or email
  • Registration "N" number of aircraft, if possible

The more information you provide, the quicker staff will be able to respond. After a complaint is received, staff will investigate the circumstances and determine what action is needed, including possible referral to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The City maintains records of noise complaints concerning the Hayward Executive Airport. These records are public documents and are available from the Hayward Executive Airport upon written request.

For more information, please call Airport Administration Office at 510.293.8678

Pilot Information:

Hayward Executive Airport is located near several noise-sensitive residential neighborhoods, and reducing aircraft noise is a priority.

The City of Hayward implemented an Aircraft Noise Ordinance that specifies noise limits for aircraft operating at Hayward Executive Airport. We request that pilots adhere to the established noise abatement procedures (see related documents at right).

Noise abatement information is also broadcast on radio frequency 122.85Mhz.

Conditions permitting, we request that pilots:

  • Avoid overflights of residential areas
  • Departing to the west, turn at or before the golf course
  • Climb at the best rate to reduce noise impact to our community
  • Reduce climb power and propeller RPM as soon as practical
  • Please refer to the Noise Abatement Procedure Guide describing Hayward's most noise sensitive areas, traffic patterns with altitudes, and preferred departure procedures.

For more information about aircraft noise management, please contact the Noise Information Hotline at 510.293.8692 or the Airport Administration Office at 510.293.8678.