Surrender your pet

The Hayward Animal Shelter will be limiting their response to field calls to only public and animal safety calls until June 8th. Public animal safety calls would include but are not limited to: animals loose and acting aggressively, in-progress animal attacks on a person or other animal, sick/injured animals, animal rescues, animal welfare checks depending on the reported concerns.

Before surrendering your pet at the Shelter, first try to get someone to adopt your pet:

  • Post newspaper ads
  • Ask co-workers
  • Speak to neighbors, family, and friends
  • Post ads on store and other bulletin boards
  • Contact breed rescue groups, your local S.P.C.A.s and Humane Societies

Animal Services will accept owner-surrendered animals from incorporated City of Hayward residents ONLY. To surrender your animal you must be at least 18 years of age, provide a current driver's license, and provide proof that you own the animal you are surrendering.

Call the shelter at 510.293.7200 first, to make sure there is space available for your animal.

After a four (4) day minimum hold, your pet may be put up for adoption, transferred to another adoption facility or rescue group, or humanely euthanized.


  • $85 fee for each adult animal;
  • For an adult animal with a litter under 4 months old, the fee is $85 for the adult and $5 per additional animal in the litter.

If your pet needs to be euthanized, please contact your local veterinarian.

State law requires that the shelter hold your animal for four (4) business days before euthanasia can be performed. Boarding fees will be charged along with the surrender fee and disposal fee.