Report an animal emergency

The Hayward Animal Shelter will be limiting their response to field calls to only public and animal safety calls until June 8th. Public animal safety calls would include but are not limited to: animals loose and acting aggressively, in-progress animal attacks on a person or other animal, sick/injured animals, animal rescues, animal welfare checks depending on the reported concerns.

The list of animal emergencies to which Animal Control Officers respond includes:

  • Vicious animals and attacks
  • Sick and injured animals
  • Animals in severe distress
  • Animal cruelty in progress
  • Animals causing a severe traffic hazard

To report an emergency, call the Animal Service Bureau at 510.293.7200 and follow the instructions. You will be connected with an emergency dispatcher who will determine the priority level of the call, advise you of options, and dispatch a field unit if necessary. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Exact location of the incident
  • Circumstances of the incident
  • Description of the animal
  • Owner of the animal, if known
  • Your name, address and phone number

For more information, please call Hayward Animal Services Bureau at 510.293.7200.

To report an animal running loose on the highway, call the California Highway Patrol: 707.551.4100.