The laws of the City of Hayward are codified in its City Charter and Municipal Code, which is comprised of ordinances passed by the City Council.

Hayward City Charter

The City of Hayward Charter was adopted on March 7, 1956. The City Charter outlines the incorporation of the city, defines its powers, and establishes the municipal government to be a Council-Manager form of government. Access the City Charter here:

Hayward City Charter

Hayward Municipal Code

The City of Hayward's Municipal Code is comprised of the local ordinances that have been enacted by the City Council. The Hayward Municipal Code is updated on a regular basis. Review the Municipal Code here:

Hayward Municipal Code

For additional information on the Hayward Municipal Code, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 510.583.4400.

Traffic Code & Regulations

Traffic codes are regulations governing parking and traffic movement. The California Vehicle Code as adopted by the State legislature, is the statewide source for traffic regulations.

The Hayward Traffic Code, Hayward Traffic Regulations and the FY 2019 Fine and Bail Schedule (Adopted)  and FY 2020 Fine and Bail Schedule (Proposed) , adopted by the Hayward City Council, expand on the State code about issues within the city limits.

To contact the Traffic Division of the Hayward Superior Court regarding an issued citation, please call: 510.690.2701

For general information, please call the City Clerk's Office at 510.583.4400 or the Hayward Police Department Traffic Division at 510.293.7099.