Wastewater Pretreatment Program

What does it mean to have Wastewater Discharge Permit?

City staff will inspect businesses with a wastewater discharge permit at least once a year and will take a minimum of two samples each year.

The following fees are associated with permitting and wastewater discharge. See the current fee schedule.

  • wastewater discharge permit fees
  • sewer system connection fees
  • sewer service charges

Who is required to have a permit?

You may be required to fill out the Wastewater Discharge Permit Application to determine if your business needs a permit.

See Permit Application

To set up an appointment with a Water Pollution Source Control Inspector to go over the permit process, please contact the Clean Water Program at 510-881-7900.

Please refer to the City’s municipal code for limits on industrial discharges to the City’s sanitary system.

For additional information please visit:
EPA National Pretreatment Program