Contact List of Hayward Utility Providers

For general questions about utility providers in Hayward, call 510.583.4700.

Energy Provider

Water Provider

  • Most properties in Hayward get water from the City of Hayward. To start service, call 510.583.4600.
  • Some properties get water from East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD). To start service, visit their website or call 866.403.2683.
  • See here for 2017-18 Hayward Water and Sewer Rates

Sewer Providers

  • Most properties in Hayward are connect to the City of Hayward sewer system. To start service, call 510.583.4600.
  • Some properties are connected to the Oro Loma Sanitary sewer system. To start service call 510.276.4700.
  • Some properties are not connected to a public sewer systems, but instead have a private septic tank. Alameda County Environmental Health monitors septic tanks in the county. For more information, contact 510.567.6887.

Garbage and Recycling Providers

Apply for Discounted Utility Rates

The City offers a discount on garbage, water, and sewer rates for low-income residents. Download an application or call the City’s Revenue Division at 510.583.4600.