Compost Giveaway

Compost! Compost! Feed your garden with high quality compost!

Every fall and spring the City gives away bags of compost in partnership with Waste Management. WM EarthCare Homegrown Compost™ is made from Bay Area yard trimmings. It carries the industry’s seals for excellence. Learn more at

Next Event: Tentatively scheduled for Fall 2021. Details TBD; more info coming soon!

All Hayward households and multi-family property managers can pickup four one-cubic-foot bags of Compost WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Please bring your driver’s license or a current Waste Management bill as proof of residency.

Driving Instructions: 

No left turns into the Tennyson High School parking lot. All cars must enter the parking lot from the north.

Required Product Waiver: 

PRODUCT WAIVER FORMS MUST BE SIGNED TO TAKE RECEIPT OF COMPOST. Save time by downloading a form at, signing it, and bring it with you.

>Questions:  510-583-4700 ·