Emergency & Safety

Major disasters come with the territory in the Bay Area, especially when the region's most volatile earthquake fault is named after your city. Stay prepared! Find resources for what to do before, during and after an emergency.

Police & Fire Services

First things first: Get to know the wide range of resources available to you from the Hayward Police and Fire Departments. From neighborhood watch groups to Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, our public safety personnel are here to empower you.

*Remember, if you're experiencing an emergency, pick up a phone and dial 911 immediately!



Get Connected

Whether you're looking for information about road closures during a winter storm or trying to figure out what to do following a major earthquake or wildfire, connecting to the City's official information channels is crucial to ensure timely, accurate information. First and foremost, subscribe to email alerts from the City:


Done? Good. Now be sure to follow key official accounts on Twitter: @cityofhayward, @haywardfirenews & @haywardpd. Not a Twitter user? "Like" the same key accounts on Facebook (City, Fire, Police). Better yet, create a Facebook group with your inner circle to easily send messages, share supplies and plan together.

In an emergency, post your status to Facebook to let your friends and family know you're OK. Finally, meet your neighbors on Nextdoor and start developing your own community disaster preparedness plan.