Advanced Metering Infrastructure


The City is currently upgrading water meters for all Hayward water customers. The citywide upgrade began in November 2016 and will take three years to complete.  The new meters have technology that can securely transmit water usage electronically, referred to as “Advanced Metering Infrastructure" (AMI). The upgraded meters will allow customers to access their water data online and will help the City better manage our water supply. 

Why are you upgrading my water meter?

The average age of a water meter in Hayward is over 40 years. Because these old meters must be replaced, the City is taking the opportunity to upgrade the meters with AMI technology. This new technology will allow you to access to your water usage data from a computer or smart phone. You will have real time access to your billing information and water consumption, the ability to create a water budget, and the option of receiving notifications if your usage exceeds your budget. 

When will you upgrade my meter?

The new meters will be installed in phases over the course of three years. You will receive a letter a few weeks prior to the installation date for your property. 

What can I expect on the day of installation?
  • The upgrade takes around 30 minutes, with the water turned off for 15 minutes.
  • You do not need to be present for the installation, which will occur during normal work hours. 
  • The new meter will be installed in the existing meter box (typically located at the front of your property near the street) by trained professionals. 
  • Your new meter will be installed by Professional Meters Inc. (PMI). Your installer will have identification that shows he or she is a representative of PMI. 
  • Once the work is completed, a notification will be placed on your front door confirming that your meter has been upgraded.
When will I be able to see my water usage online?

The City is in the process of developing the online tool for customers. The tool is expected to be available by mid-2019 and will be publicized on the City’s website and on your water bill. 

For more information about Hayward's meter upgrade, please contact the Utilities & Environmental Services Department at 510.583.4700.

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