Code Enforcement Division

The Code Enforcement Division provides regulatory enforcement services for a broad range of adopted local, state and federal codes. These codes include, but are not limited to, the City of Hayward Municipal CodeCalifornia Building Code, California Health and Safety Code, and International Property Maintenance Code.  Through education and responsive enforcement, it is our goal to work with private property owners, residents and businesses, to preserve and promote safe and healthy communities through the enforcement of adopted standards. 

The City of Hayward maintains a  comprehensive Code Enforcement Division which helps to protect general health and safety, neighborhood integrity, private property, residential housing conditions, and enhance the quality of neighborhoods. It is an integral part of the City's commitment to neighborhood improvement and sustainability.  In partnership with residents, neighborhood associations, public service agencies, city departments, and local businesses, Code Enforcement strives to provide the most responsive and indepth service available to keep our communities safe and clean. 


The Code Enforcement Division maintains a variety of targeted programs designed to effectively monitor and respond to compliance problems in a variety of areas.

Programs and Enforcement Includes:

  • Rental Housing: Mandatory and Complaint Driven Inspections, Self-Certification Program

  • High Hazard Weed Abatement: Year Round Fire Suppression Efforts (All Property Types)

  • Community Preservation: Junk, Trash and Debris, Overgrown Weeds and Vegetation, Graffiti, Unsecured Vacant Properties

    1. Zoning Compliance: Garage Conversions, Sheds, Signs, Fences, Development Standards, Land Use Permits (Administrative or Conditional Use Permits, Site Plan Reviews)
    2. Un-Permitted Construction: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Properties
  • Tobacco Licensing: Annual Inspections and Monitoring

  • Vacant Property Program: Inspections and Monitoring of Vacant and Neglected Buildings and Properties

  • Mural Arts: Neighborhood Enrichment, Blight Elimination, Local Artist Showcasing, Schools Partnerships, and Business-to-Business Opportunities