Fleet Management

Fleet management staff are responsible for operation, maintenance, repair, acquisition, and disposal of the City's fleet of 430 vehicles and equipment.

The City of Hayward Fleet Management Division of Maintenance Services is an Alameda County Certified Green Business. That means that the operation meets all of the County's green criteria, including reducing waste streams, recycling, conserving water and electricity, using dry cleanup methods for hazardous material spills, and containing chemicals to prevent storm water drain contamination.

Our department's green practices include:

  • Balancing the purchase of hybrid and alternative fueled vehicles
  • Reducing fuel consumption by downsizing many full size pickup trucks to compact versions
  • Installing Particulate Matter Traps on older diesel vehicles to eliminate soot from exiting the exhaust stacks
  • Educating employees to reduce fuel consumption by combining trips, slowing down, and avoiding vehicle idling
  • Testing fleet GPS tracking systems to monitor driver habits that lead to excessive fuel consumption
  • Purchasing recycled products whenever possible, like re-refined motor oil
  • Recycling all used motor oil, oil filters, anti-freeze, tires, and scrap metal