Library Services

The Library Department will deliver equal opportunity in education to Hayward residents, preserve and improve quality of life for all members of the community, and contribute to the ongoing health and success of a thriving Hayward.

Department Overview:

The Library Department is responsible for:

  1. Public Library Operations including public access to books, media, and technology; community meeting and gathering spaces; and online resources;
  2. Library Programs and Services including innovative programs for all ages that respond to community needs and interests; information and referral services; recreational and cultural materials and programs; and lifelong learning and self-improvement opportunities for every Hayward resident;
  3. Education Services including adult literacy training; academic tutoring for Hayward students K-12; and early childhood education and parenting programs; and
  4. Administration including leadership and management of department personnel, resources and operating budget; development of external resources including grants and volunteers to advance City goals and serve Hayward residents; and coordination of activities with other City departments and external agency partners.

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