The Mission of the Hayward Fire Department is to protect lives and property by providing Superior Fire Suppression and Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Supported by Prevention Through Responsible Regulatory and Educational Programs.


The Administration Division takes the lead role in managing the organization's overall members, budget, programs, and services.


The Hayward Fire Department is an ISO Class 2 department that operates nine engines and two aerial ladder truck companies from nine strategically located fire stations serving both the citizens of Hayward and the Fairview Fire Protection District. Each fire engine and truck company has at least one certified Paramedic assigned to it. Our all-risk fire department responds to all 911 emergency and non-emergency requests including structure fires, medical emergencies providing advanced life support, wildland fires, hazardous materials, aircraft rescue and firefighting and open water rescue.

In addition to our front line emergency vehicles, the Department has the ability to staff three Type III and two Type VI wildland firefighting engines for our community and to assist in the statewide mutual aid program for any natural or man-made disasters.

All engine and truck companies are available for fire station tours, public appearances and perform annual inspections.

Special Operations

The Special Operations Division oversees five separate programs, all of which aim to support the mission of the Hayward Fire Department.

The Office of the Fire Marshal ensures compliance with the Fire Code through plan checks as well as performing regular fire inspections in existing buildings. The Office of the Fire Marshal also oversees a grant-funded program that reduces fire hazards in hillside areas through educational and brush clearing programs.

The Hazardous Materials Office ensures the consistent regulation of hazardous materials and waste throughout the state. Staffed by four civilian employees, the program’s efforts are focused on regulating the storage and use of hazardous materials in the city of Hayward.

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) division provides training and oversight to the Fire Department’s 112 licensed Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians. Every responding fire engine and truck company in the City is capable of providing Advanced Life Support services to those in need of medical aid.

The Training Division is responsible for ensuring that Hayward’s Firefighters are ready to respond to any type of emergency. Training of line personnel can range from an on-line program to live drills and exercises at the Department’s training center. Efforts are underway to not only design a new training complex, which will offer firefighters a state of the art facility, but also to become an Accredited Local Academy.

Additionally, the Training Division conducts a 17 week fire academy for new recruits, and has also initiated a partnership with the Eden Area Regional Occupation Program’s Fire Science program. This program will expose interested youth to basic firefighting principals and techniques, which will potentially lead them down the path of becoming the next generation of firefighters in the City.

The Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness  programs include Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training for residents, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) training for City staff, development of a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, and public information.

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