Water Heater Permit

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A permit is required to install, replace or relocate a water heater. A permit must be obtained before beginning the work. Work performed without proper permits is subject to additional fees. Water Heater Permits are same day residential permits.

Please Note: The intended guideline is for a typical installation and shall not be used as a substitute for checking the actual code or hiring an appropriately skilled contractor to perform the work.
Type "B" vents must extend above the roof, through a flashing, and terminate in a listed vent cap or roof jack which shall be installed according to its listing and the manufacturer’s installation instructions. The vent height above the roof surface shall be in accordance with Section 509.6.2. Up to a 6:12 roof slope the minimum height is 1 foot.
Type "B" gas vents must terminate at least 5 feet above the highest connected draft hood or flue collar.
Vent connectors must be as short and straight as practical, and cannot pass through walls or ceilings. The maximum horizontal connector length is 75% of the height for single wall, 100% of the height for double-wall. When venting in common with another appliance, the smaller appliance should connect above the larger one, should be as high as possible for the available headroom, and the maximum connector length is 18 inches per inch of diameter.
Connector sections must be screwed together and to the draft hood with at least 3 screws at each joint. Use listed transition fittings from single-wall to "B" vent. Screws and other fasteners cannot penetrate the inner wall of a double wall vent, and double wall vent cannot be cut. Use of tape to seal joints or to support a vent is not permitted.
An expansion tank is required for any system with a check valve, backflow preventer or pressure regulator (no exceptions) that prevents dissipation of building pressure back into the water main 608.3).
A final inspection is required after the water heater has been installed and all work has been completed. The permit card and the approved job copy of the drawings(if any) must be presented to the inspector. A re-inspection fee may be assessed if access to the inspection is not provided, the job is not ready for the inspection, or when required corrections have not been made.
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