Encroachment Permit

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The Application for an Encroachment Permit is a request to the City of Hayward for permission to perform work within Hayward public rights-of-way (PROW) for example within public streets and sidewalks. An approved Encroachment Permit grants the Applicant permission to perform work within and/or close portions of Hayward public rights-of-way subject to the guidelines and conditions established in the permit.

An Encroachment Permit would be required for, but not limited to, the following within the PROW:

  • New/Replaced Sanitary Sewer Lateral
  • Any Public Utility work
  • New/Replaced Sidewalks and Driveways
  • New connections to the Public Storm System
  • Temporary Storage or Debris Bin within PROW
  • Monitoring Well Installation/Removal

To apply for an Encroachment Permit, email a completed encroachment permit application, documents listed in the checklist, and plans (as required) to: enc.permits@hayward-ca.gov

Please note: For seweral lateral replacements in the City's jurisdiction, please contact the Building Division at 510-583-4005.

For more information please call (510) 583-4200 or (510) 583-4212 or email enc.permits@hayward-ca.gov