Fire Safety Inspections

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Annual Inspections

There are a number of occupancies within the City of Hayward that receive regular fire and life-safety inspections. General occupancies, such as industrial buildings, business offices, and retail spaces receive an annual inspection of common fire and life-safety hazards. The purpose of the annual Fire Department permit is to assure that a fire inspection is made on a regular annual basis.

Additionally, the Fire Marshal's Office conducts life-safety inspections for day cares, health care and institutional occupancies, and schools.

New Construction, Remodel, and/or Building Permit Inspections

New construction (technical) inspections are provided for all structures built within the City of Hayward. These inspections must be ‘passed’ prior to occupancy, and range from a visual check of sprinkler and alarm systems to an observed discharge of a special extinguishing system.

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