Grading & Clearing Permit

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Grading and Clearing Permit required before:

  • Excavation, fill or rearrangement of 300 or more cubic yards of earth materials on any site;
  • grading of an area where the average slope of the area to be excavated or filled exceeds 5-to-1 (20 percent);
  • excavation or fill of any portion of a site that increases or decreases its elevation by a height of 5 feet or more at any point following the completion of grading;
  • diversion of rainwater runoff from an area 15,000 sq. ft. or larger;
  • blockage or alteration of a waterway or drainage way that has a capacity of greater than two cubic feet per second;
  • repair of earth material slides involving 300 or more cubic yards of earth material;
  • clearing of an area one acre in size or larger OR clearing of an area greater than 7,500 square feet with an average slope exceeding 5-to-1 (20 percent);
  • excavation for the installation, removal, or repair of any underground storage tank. Exceptions are outlined in the Municipal Code.

Grading and Clearing Permit Process:

  1. review the Grading Checklist from Engineering and Transportation which identifies the components of a complete submittal;
  2. refer to the Grading and Clearing Ordinance, the Tree Preservation Ordinance, soils and geological reports, the projects conditions of approval, and standard details and specifications;
  3. submit to the Planning Division:
    • three (3) sets of grading and clearing plans (NOTE: Existing and proposed retaining walls must be shown on the plans. A separate Building Permit may be required for construction of retaining walls);
    • three (3) sets of erosion and sedimentation control plans;
    • three (3) sets of hydrology plan, hydraulic calculations and drainage plan;
    • three (3) originals or wet-stamped copies of soils report and geological report;
    • six (6) copies of the Environmental Impact Report, if required.

For more information, please call Development Review at 510.583.4785.

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