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Background on Building Permits:

Building permits are required for most construction related work.  To review a list of projects that do not require permits, you can review a list of items here: Do I Need A Permit?

If construction projects are done incorrectly, it is possible the damage to a building can occur which in some cases can result in fires or structural collapse.   State law requires that permits are issued for all construction work and insurance companies will not cover problems that were done through non-permitted work. 

How does a Building Permit Application Become a Building Permit?

There are two basic types of permit applications: 

  1. Same Day Permits: Same Day permits are often called “over the counter permits” since the permit (legal authorization to build) is granted in the Permit Center immediately after the application is submitted.  Examples of common same day permits include: water heaters, reroofing projects, window replacements and other similar repair work.
  2. Take-in Permit Applications: Take-in permit applications are for projects that require drawings (also referred to as plans, blueprints or construction documents).  Since these projects are of a more complex nature and require review of various code items such a structural, energy code, plumbing, mechanical and electrical work, Building Division staff need to review the drawings in order to determine compliance.  After the initial review of the plans, the Plan Reviewer will send a formal correction list to the applicant.  The applicant must respond and make the required corrections and resubmit the drawings to the City.  Once the Plan Review is approved, the applicant can then pick up their permit and will also keep the approved set of drawings in on the construction site as a reference for the inspector.   This process typically takes between 3 to 8 weeks depending on the quality of the plans and the size of the project.  Examples of common Take-in Permits include:  Home additions, commercial tenant improvements, new buildings and structural modifications to existing buildings. 


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