Investment Reports

It is the policy of the City of Hayward to invest public funds not required for immediate day-to-day operations in safe and liquid investments with maturities under five years, in conformance with the California state statutes governing the investment of public funds. Investments are intended to achieve a reasonable rate of return while minimizing the potential for capital losses arising from market changes or issuer default.

The Director of Finance is responsible for oversight of the City's investment program including adherence to established written procedures for operation and consistent with the City's Statement of Investment Policy.  The Director of Finance has further authority, with consent of the City Council, to engage the services of one or more external investment advisors to assist in the management of the City's investment portfolio in a manner consistent with the City's Statement of Investment Policy.

Fiscal Year 2024 Statement of Investment Policy

Current 2024 reports:

2nd Quarter 2024
1st Quarter 2024