Master Fee Schedule

The Adopted FY 2020 Master Fee Schedule contains all fees and charges attached to city services delivered by each department.

View the Adopted FY 2020 Schedule (PDF)

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The Master Fee Schedule includes:

  • Annexation fees
  • Compliance services fees
  • Inspection fees
  • License and permit fees 
  • Penalty charges
  • Rental fees
  • Service fees
  • Special services fees
Fees that do not recover the full cost of providing the service result in a subsidy which shifts funds away from other critical City services. Before a fee increase is considered, the City must demonstrate that the services are being provided as efficiently and effectively as possible and that the fee is recovering the cost of providing that service.


In November 2010, California voters approved Proposition 26, which amended Article XIIIC of the state constitution, regarding the adoption of fees and taxes. Proposition 26 seeks to assure that taxes, which must be approved by the voters, are not disguised as fees, which can be approved by legislative bodies, such as city council. The proposed Master Fee Schedule (MFS) has been reviewed for compliance with Proposition 26, and in the City Attorney's opinion, the MFS is compliant.