Hayward Forward

#HaywardForward is the new public information project of the City Hayward. It is the place, channel and social media hashtag at and through which we are going to be telling, sharing and archiving the news and progress we are making as a City and Community.

Hayward City Hall on a partly cloudy day

Annual Report | 2018

Dear Residents,

We are in the public-service business at the City of Hayward.  You are our shareholders.  With that in mind we present to you this Annual Report.

The cover image is of the engine bay of Fire Station 2, one of the stations where earthquake retrofit work was completed in 2018.

The title of this report, #HaywardForward, conveys the momentum you can see and feel in our community.  It also is the social media hashtag we use to share our progress as a city.

Highlights of that progress are summarized on the following pages.  We focused on those areas that you have told us are your priorities:

  • Public safety and 911 response
  • Road and street repair
  • Public libraries
  • Affordable housing
  • Protecting environment

To be sure, this is high-level view.  To dig deeper, visit the sections below.

Or contact Public Information Officer Chuck Finnie via email at Chuck.Finnie@hayward-ca.gov, or by phone at (510) 583-4344.  Also watch for an invitation to one of my Community Office Hour sessions.

We take our commitment to our residents seriously and want to make sure you stay informed about the important progress happening in our community.  We hope you will take the time to follow along and join the conversation using #HaywardForward.


Kelly McAdoo
City Manager


Red fire truck peaking out between a set of red fire doors


  • Completed earthquake retrofits of Hayward fire stations to ensure our first responders and emergency vehicles and equipment are safe and ready
  • Initiated development of a new Regional Fire Training Center and new Fire Station 6 at Hayward Executive Airport
  • Developed a fire training partnership with Chabot-Las Positas Community College District to recruit and train our next generation of firefighters and paramedics


Alta Mira


  • Green-lighted new residential developments that will bring more than 1,000 new homes to downtown and the Mission Boulevard corridor, including many affordable to residents living on lower incomes
  • Awarded nearly $30 million in City funding to support creation of 259 homes affordable to low-and very-low income residents and the homeless
  • Strengthened inclusionary housing requirements to ensure new developments create housing opportunities for residents of all income levels


rendering of the Hayward Public Library


  • Finished construction of Hayward’s new 21st Century Library and Community Learning Center
  • Set a new standard in environmentally sustainable design with a net-zero energy facility that operates without reliance on fossil fuels; captures, stores and recycles rain water for non-potable uses; and will receive a LEED certified rating of Platinum from the U.S. Green Building Council
  • Created new educational opportunities for Hayward students with the addition of 53 computers for public use, a digital media lab, a Makerspace featuring 3D printers, robotics and textiles, and a Homework Support Center


Tree lined street on an overcast day


  • Wrapped up the largest roadway repair, resurfacing and rehabilitation project in City history covering 317 street segments
  • Improved 206 of 657 lane miles of city roadway, added and improved 17.6 miles of bike lanes, and upgraded curb ramps and crosswalks citywide
  • Improved Hayward’s average Pavement Condition Index (PCI) from 66 to 70, raising the City’s rating from “fair” to “good”


City of Hayward Solar Array on a sunny day with bright blue skies


  • Began to move Hayward onto 100% carbon-free sources of electricity through membership in East Bay Community Energy, Alameda County's new local, non-profit electricity supplier
  • Initiated a tripling of solar energy generation to power city buildings through expansion of solar power arrays at Hayward's Water Pollution Control Facility
  • Invested in recycled-water and sewer-filtration infrastructure to conserve drinking water and protect the San Francisco Bay



FY General Fund Expenditures by Department ($151.6M)


  • Police - 46.39%
  • Fire - 24.29%
  • Non-Departmental and Transfers - 6.78%
  • Development Services - 5.76%
  • Library and Community Services - 3.86%
  • Finance - 3.19%
  • Maintenance Services - 2.91%
  • City Manager - 2.27%
  • Public Works - Engineering and Transportation - 1.63%
  • Human Resources - 1.29%
  • City Attorney - 0.83%
  • City Clerk - 0.50%
  • Mayor and Council - 0.27%
  • Utilities and Environmental Services - 0.03%


FY 2018 General Fund Revenue by Type ($152M in Total)


  • Property Tax - 32%
  • Sales Tax - 22%
  • Other Tax/Franchises - 16%
  • UUT - 12%
  • Permits and Fees - 9%
  • Other Revenue - 9%


The City General Fund Pays For Primary Municipal Services


We strive to get the most out of every General Fund dollar by doing more with a smaller city workforce.


Today, we operate with 8% fewer General Fund positions than 10 years ago while our city population has grown by 12% over the same period.