City Manager Kelly McAdoo standing in front of her office door

Most every organization has a mission, a vision statement of what accomplishing the mission looks like, and a strategic plan for getting there. Your Hayward city government is no different.
Strategic Roadmap Wheel

The Strategic Roadmap starts with a shared vision of Hayward, an excerpt of which reads...
A person being vaccinated at a Hayward COVID-19 vaccination clinic

Areas of focus under Community Safety & Quality of Life: community-based response models, emergency preparedness, cleanliness and blight reduction, library and educational programs, and celebrating heritage and confronting inequities.
Beds at the Hayward Navigation Center

Housing & Homelessness projects fall under the Strategic Roadmap critical focus area of Preserve, Protect & Produce housing for All. This includes house and support people experiencing homeless, incentivize housing production for all, protect the affordability of existing housing.
One Subaru dealership

Under the Strategic Roadmap Grow the Economy means to invest in the future through business support services, enhancing marketing, workforce development pipelines, strategically disposing of City property and creating thriving commercial corridors.
People paving a road

We're investing infrastructure by creating multi-modal transportation projects, maintaining our water supply, sanitation and sewers and building community-wide internet infrastructure.
Solar Array

We're mitigating climate crisis impacts through resilient design, promoting a circular economy and reducing greenhouse gases and dependency on fossil fuels.