City Manager Kelly McAdoo standing in front of her office door

2020 has been a year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken at least 76 lives in Hayward. It has taken livelihoods, too. Ways of life, expectations and aspirations have been upset or put on hold.
Two brightly colored pie charts

The General Fund pays for primary municipal services. We have made significant progress closing a structural budget gap and made additional steps to put Hayward on the path to long-term fiscal sustainability.
A woman in pink and blue protective gear talking to someone in a black suv

the City of Hayward is taking steps that include the modification City services or access to certain facilities In the interests of public health and controlling the spread of COVID-19.
People enjoying dining outside in Downtown Hayward

We implemented programs to help community members, residents and business owners overcome economic hardships due to the pandemic.
A police officer showing his motorcycle to two Jr. Giants players

The City Council directed staff to bring forward a community engagement plan to obtain more information about Hayward resident concerns about and experiences with the Hayward Police Department, and to inform decisions related to police service enhancements and strategies.
Rendering of Fire Station 6 and the Training Center

Hayward and Chabot-Las Positas Community College District have begun construction on a new regional Fire Training Center and Fire Station #6 to serve neighborhoods and industrial areas near Hayward Executive Airport.