Hayward Strategic Roadmap

The City's Strategic Roadmap was updated by the City Council in June of 2021. The Roadmap covers the years 2020-2023. 

View the updated Strategic Roadmap

The City's three-year Strategic Roadmap was origionally adopted in January of 2020. View that version of the Strategic Roadmap Here

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WHAT is a Strategic Roadmap?

A Strategic Roadmap is a shared vision for where the City wants to go in the near future (3 - 5 years), along with achievable next steps for how to get there. It defines a shared vision for the City and identifies the top priorities and projects that need to happen in the coming years to address current gaps in achieving that vision.

WHY do we need a Strategic Roadmap?

The City is obligated to deliver essential day-to-day services, like public safety, permits and recycling. However, our community also faces critical emerging issues like homelessness and climate change. In order to continue our daily work to deliver key services (bottom of the iceberg) and also work toward solving pressing problems (tip of the iceberg), we need to decide together what to prioritize.

The Strategic Roadmap will help us minimize time-consuming reactive tasks (or “fire drills”) so we can prioritize more meaningful work that will enable us to make progress toward longer-term, big-picture goals.

blue iceberg

HOW did we create a Strategic Roadmap?

This is a collaborative effort between the community, City Council, and City staff. The draft vision, priorities, and projects shown here today were created with input from:

  • Community input: from the 2018 Community Needs Assessment and 2019 Residential Satisfaction Survey
  • Council input: City Council retreats (May and October 2019)
  • Staff input: 2018 Employee Engagement Survey; executive team workshops (September and October 2019); staff interviews and focus groups across departments and levels (September 2019) and Employee Engagement Survey.