Measure C chart

In the municipal election of June 3, 2014, City of Hayward voters approved Ballot Measure C, which raised the City's Transaction and Use (Sales) Tax by a half-cent for a twenty-year period. This tax increment took effect on October 1, 2014, and the City began receiving allocations from the half-cent sales tax on January 1, 2015.
Heritage Plaza

Public libraries and public spaces are the beating hearts of any vibrant community, offering essential resources and spaces that enrich the lives of residents in countless ways. These cherished institutions are not just physical spaces; they are sanctuaries of knowledge, creativity, and recreation.
A fire truck with the ladder raised

The importance of a fully staffed police department and dispatch center, coupled with a state-of-the-art fire-fighting training facility and modernized fire station, cannot be overstated in the realm of public safety and emergency response.
Maintenance Service works cleaning up an illegal dumping site

Maintaining a clean and green city is pivotal to community health and safety. Programs dedicated to graffiti removal, the eradication of litter and illegal dumping, and neighborhood beautification initiatives play a fundamental role in creating a safe and inviting environment for our residents.
Pothole Repair and Street Surfacing in Hayward

Ensuring the upkeep of our road infrastructure, including pavement improvement and preventative maintenance, is fundamental to the foundation of a thriving community.
Fire Engine 2 pulling out of Fire Station 2

Earthquakes and their potential impact on infrastructure and safety are significant concerns. Investing in seismic upgrades and preparedness is paramount for building a strong and resilient community.
A woman working on a computer in the dispatch center

Maintaining municipal facilities ensures the longevity and functionality of critical public assets. These facilities, ranging from communication centers to public libraries and public works facilities, serve as the backbone of local governance and community services.