Steering Committee Nominations & Election

During Russell City Reparative Justice Project community meetings held in September and October of 2022, community members deliberated on establishing a project steering committee, defining their responsibilities, and laying out the nomination and voting/election procedures. In February of 2023, the Committee expanded to 13 voting members and 2 alternates.
Russell City Reparative Justice Steering Committee Nominations

About the Steering Committee:

During this initial phase of the Reparative Justice Project, we are asking for nominations for the formation of a Steering Committee to direct the Project and serve as representatives of the Russell City community in communications between the City of Hayward and the Russell City community. 

Initially, the Steering Committee was to consist of 11 voting members and 2 alternates, but in February of 2023, the committee voted to expand to 13 voting members and 2 alternates. Steering Committee Members are expected to attend monthly meetings during the current phase (II) of the project. These meetings will be approximately 2-3 hours long. 

They will also be expected to communicate with other community members outside of the monthly meetings, which could account for another 3-5 hours per week. In the next phase (III) of the project, the Steering Committee will set its own meeting schedule and due to the nature of the work that needs to be completed, the number of hours working outside of the meetings may increase to 5-7 hours per week. 

Nomination & Election Process:


From Oct. 3 through Oct. 10, 2022,  community members involved with the Russell City Reparative Justice Project nominated up to 11 individuals to serve on the project steering committee. Nominees were then contacted and asked to accept or decline their nomination by Friday, Oct. 14, 2022

Andrew Castillo Zenobia Mills-Breaux (Kimble) 
Leticia Cooper Gloria Moore (Accepted Nomination)
Boyd Earline Sabina Munoz (Accepted Nomination)
Priscilla Figueroa (Accepted Nomination)Drusilla Myles 
Velda Goe (Accepted Nomination)Sam Nava 
Deborah Harris (Accepted Nomination)Rashad Norton 
Monique Henderson-Ford Albert Pacheco 
Rebecca Hill-Long (Accepted Nomination)Cathy Rodriguez (Accepted Nomination)
Yevette Hypolite (Accepted Nomination)Liz Sanchez (Accepted Nomination)
Barbara Johnson Raven Simpson 
Carolyn Johnson (Accepted Nomination)Nancy Taliaferro 
James Michael Johnson Francesca Thomas (Accepted Nomination)
Jordan Johnson Adriane Tolefree 
Marian Johnson (Accepted Nomination)Cindy Torres (Accepted Nomination)
Michael V. Johnson (Accepted Nomination)Adam Turner 
Robin Johnson-Randolph Edward Valeau 
Sabrina Jones Fredia Williams 
Aisha Knowles (Accepted Nomination)Toni Wynn (Accepted Nomination)
Aiyana Knowles (Accepted Nomination)Michael D. Johnson(Accepted Nomination)
James Knowles  

Learning about the candidates:

During the period of Oct. 18 to Oct. 20, 2022, candidates diligently completed questionnaires, and in certain instances, responded to supplemental inquiries. These materials were subsequently shared with community members at the Oct. 20 public meeting held for the Russell City Reparative Justice Project. Review the questionnaires and clips from each of the candidates below. 

[Links to documents and recordings are pending]

Election results:

From Oct. 21 to Oct. 28, 2022, 61 people involved in the Russell City Reparative Justice Project voted for 13 individuals, 11 members and two alternates, to represent the Russell City Community as the Russell City Reparative Justice Project Steering Committee.  Below are the results. 

Gloria Moore88.5% 54 votesElected Member
Aisha Knowles82.0%50 votesElected Member
Michael V. Johnson75.4%46 votesElected Member
Aiyana Knowles75.4%46 votesElected Member
Deborah Harris73.8%45 votesElected Member
Marian Johnson68.9%42 votesElected Member
Elizabeth Sanchez63.9%39 votesElected Member
Toni Wynn63.9%39 votesElected Member
Carolyn Johnson60.7%38 votesElected Member
Michael D. Johnson59.0%37 votesElected Member
Rebecca Hill-Long54.1%36 votesElected Member | Stepped down from Steering Committee Feb. 2023
Yevette Hypolite54.1%33 votesElected Alternate | Stepped down from Steering Committee Feb. 2023
Cindy Torres50.8%33 votesElected Alternate | Appointed Steering Committee Member Feb. 2023
Sabina Munoz49.2%31 votes 
Priscilla Figueroa 47.5%30 votesAppointed Steering Committee Member Feb. 2023
Francesca Thomas 47.5%29 votesAppointed Steering Committee Member Feb. 2023
Cathy Rodriguez 37.7%23 votesAppointed Steering Committee Alternate Feb. 2023
Velda Goe 32.8%20 votesAppointed Steering Committee Alternate Feb. 2023

Steering Committee election results

Download the full results PDF