Velda Goe
Russell City Reparative Justice Project Steering Committee Alternate


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Eminent domain was used by the Hayward governance to illicitly obtain parcels in Russell City owned and occupied by its Residents. My family lost the benefit of passing the parcels and home they owned and built to our family members. 

My Great Uncle Buster Brooks, dubbed the 'Mayor' by the Russell City Residents, actively rallied to obtain municipal services for Russell City; including the Fire Truck he  obtained for the Community due to the  nighttime torching by arsonists of Residents' homes, businesses and establishments; he founded and presided over the South Hayward NAACP Branch, which continues today on 2nd Street; was Chairperson of the Democratic Committee and continuously met with the Hayward governance to get their recognition of Russell "City" in order to obtain the services they paid for with their tax dollars and as provided to other residents of Hayward. 

My purpose in serving as an Alternate on the RCRJP Steering Committee (on which I have no voting rights unless a quorum is not met) is to:

be a part of the team to develop an equitable solution to the displacement of Russell City Residents and for the loss of the generational wealth of their Descendants due to the taking of their homes, community, land, establishments, businesses and mental well-being.

My goals in serving on the RCRJP Steering Committee are to: 

reclaim the land to its displaced owners, or the value thereof;

re-establish the town of Russell City, in whole or in part; 

establish a self-governing body of former Russell City Residents & Descendants to  ensure the revival of the Russell City township and community  

obtain and establish a Russell City Community Center - wholly owned debt and tax-free by the Resident-led non-profit agency described above to manage it

financial restitution to recompense former Russell City Residents and their Descendants for the loss of their land, homes, community, establishments, businesses and mental well-being

re-draft the legal definitions for the City of Hayward of when and how eminent domain can be used in Hayward to prevent a re-occurrence of the Russell City Travesty.