Francesca Thomas
Russell City Reparative Justice Project Steering Committee Member


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Francesca Thomas is a Hayward native, entrepreneur, and part-time elementary school teacher deeply invested in the City of Hayward. With a strong connection to Hayward's history and a passion for social justice, she brings a unique multicultural and diverse perspective to the Steering Committee. 

Ms. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree from Cal State, East Bay. After 15 years as a Tax Manager in corporate America, she transitioned to small business ownership to pursue her passion. 

Her connection to Russell City is rooted in family history.  Her grandmother, Leona Alves (affectionately also known as, Miss Al or Miss Lee), owned Ideal Dining Restaurant and Night Club in Russell City before being displaced by forced relocation. This experience, shared by her grandfather, mother, and aunt, fuels Francesca's passion for seeking justice for the former residents and their descendants. 

Francesca’s vision for the Russell City Reparative Justice Project is multi-faceted.  Her goals are to achieve unbiased and accurate historical recognition, secure a place for Russell City in Hayward's narrative, and advocate for meaningful reparations for the Russell City Community. 

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