Cathy Rodriguez
Russell City Reparative Justice Project Steering Committee Alternate


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Cathy Rodriguez is a dedicated advocate with a 27-year tenure in the legal and law enforcement sectors, focusing on the rights and protection of the vulnerable, including the elderly and disabled. As the Administrator and CEO of the Probation Support Network, she collaborates with Venus Gist at the “Care for People Court” to challenge the injustices within the probate court and conservatorship systems of Alameda County. Her mission is to drive reform across the probate courts, county government, and private conservatorship, aiming to restore family heritage and minimize unwarranted government intervention.

Her career began in 1997 as a Probation Peace Officer and Senior Group Correctional Counselor, where she provided guidance to juveniles and adults involved in various crimes against the community, including domestic violence and drug-related offenses etc. Her expertise spans juvenile to adult justice systems, policy reform, and program development.

Rodriguez’s commitment extends beyond her professional life; since 1982, she has been an active volunteer with Victory Outreach Ministries, serving in various capacities such as Director of Women’s Prison Ministries and life skills facilitator, driven by her faith as a servant of Jesus Christ.

In 2019, she joined forces with the Coalition to End Elderly Violence and Financial Abuse, bringing her extensive training in crisis intervention, anger management, and critical incident stress management to the forefront of advocacy.

Her personal experiences have deeply influenced her advocacy work. After witnessing the impact of a brutal attack on her father and the subsequent challenges with the county conservatorship system, Rodriguez has become a staunch defender of the rights of the elderly, fighting against systemic abuse and advocating for justice.

In addition to her advocacy, Rodriguez is an entrepreneur, currently establishing “Classic Café,” a vintage coffee shop and museum. Her diverse interests include interior design, event planning, culinary arts, and antique collection, reflecting her multifaceted talents and passions.

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