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What's New?

We need your help reviewing the draft Plan! Please send comments and letters of support to (Individual appendices of the draft Plan are provided in the “Documents” section at the bottom of this page.)

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Project Overview

The City of Hayward’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan update sets forth detailed goals and objectives to provide a universally accessible, safe, convenient, and integrated system that promotes walking and biking. The update builds upon the 2007 Bicycle Master Plan, identifying opportunities to improve and enhance bicycle and pedestrian facilities in Hayward. 

Where We're at: Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvements To-Date

The City of Hayward has been focused on making bicycle and pedestrian improvements throughout the City since the previous 2007 Bicycle Master Plan was adopted. Below are some of the key project highlights about the type of work the City has implemented to-date:

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  • Approximately 82 miles of bikeways installed to-date
    - 7 miles of Multi-Use Trails installed
    - 40 miles of on-street Bicycle Lanes installed
    - 34 miles of shared-lane Bicycle Routes installed

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  • Sidewalk repair and rehabilitation
  • New sidewalk installations
  • Curb ramp upgrades to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards -Citywide
  • Intersection and lighting improvements

Why Update The Plan Now?

The City of Hayward is undertaking the Plan update effort to focus on the following: 

  1. Develop accessible, safe, and convenient facilities for users of all ages and abilities
  2. Obtain community input to reflect the diverse demographic makeup of Hayward residents and workers
  3. Integrate best practices in bikeway and pedestrian planning and design
  4. Better postition the City of Hayward to compete for local, regional, and state grant funding opportunities


The plan is being developed over four phases:

Phase I: Established Foundation [May - August 2018]

In Phase I, we heard from residents, businesses, and other stakeholders about what barriers to walking and biking are prevalent in our community and where the City should identify new project recommendations.

Phase II: Initial Recommendations [September 2018 - June 2019]

In Phase II, we compiled all community input received to-date to create draft project and programmatic recommendations.

Phase III: Prioritization & Final Recommendations [June - September 2019]

In Phase III, we finalized the bicycle and pedestrian project list and used your input to prioritize projects for implementation and future funding opportunities.

Phase IV: Draft & Final Plan [September 2019 - July 2020]

In Phase IV, we are drafting the BPMP. If will first be relased first for public review, and then, ultimately, for City Council adoption.

Public Involvement

We’re looking for your help to bring the Plan to the finish line – view the Draft Plan and let us know what you think! Send comments and letters of support to

During the first three phases of the project, we talked to you about walking and biking in Hayward at eight in-person events and online through our website, online map, and social media. Your feedback was crucial in helping us develop our recommendations and write the plan, and it’s crucial now in helping review our recommendations in the Draft Plan.

Public Events (Phases I - III)

Phase I Public Input Stations (May to June 2018)

During Phase I, residents and stakeholders stopped by our pop-up tents at local events to tell us where you’d like to see bike and pedestrian improvements in Hayward.

  • Downtown Hayward Street Party
  • Summer Movies in the Plaza
  • All American Festival

Phase II Walking Tours (December 2018 to January 2019)

During Phase II, project staff met community members at key locations to help identify opportunities for improvements.

  • Tennyson Corridor Walking Tour
  • Downtown Hayward Walking Tour
  • Hesperian Corridor Walking Tour

Phase III Public Input Stations (April 2019 to November 2019)

During Phase III, we met with you at local events to hear your thoughts on the proposed bicycle network recommendations.

  • Earth Day 36th Annual Clean-up
  • Bike to Work Day BART Energizer Stations

Email Us

Questions or comments on the Draft Plan? Reach out to us at


o   Plan Document

o   Appendix A Bike Network Project List

o   Appendix B Existing Conditions Memo

o   Appendix C Prioritization Framework

o   Appendix D Design Guide

o   Appendix E Bike and Ped Construction Zone Design Guide

o   Appendix F Cost Estimate Methodology

o   Appendix G Funding Source Descriptions and Details (Coming soon!)