Community Safety & Quality of Life

Areas of focus under Community Safety & Quality of Life: community-based response models, emergency preparedness, cleanliness and blight reduction, library and educational programs, and celebrating heritage and confronting inequities.

A person being vaccinated at a Hayward COVID-19 vaccination clinic

Pandemic Response — Over the past year, the City of Hayward’s COVID-19 pandemic response focused on community resilience, adaptation, and recovery. Vaccination clinics helped push Hayward’s COVID-19 inoculation rate over 80 percent while new grant programs provided emergency relief to residents and helped small businesses retool.

Hayward Evaluation and Response Teams — In recognition of the importance of deploying appropriate levels of response to each 9-1-1 call, the Hayward Police and Fire Departments are involving behavioral and mental health professionals in emergency dispatch operations and partnering with them in the field.

Fireworks Enforcement and Fire Safety — Fireworks are illegal in Hayward. This year, the City began holding property owners responsible and issuing fines for fireworks activity emanating from their properties. At the same time, our Fire Department’s no-fee Residential Chipping and Assistance Program helps property owners gather and dispose of branches and vegetation before the height of fire season.

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