Climate Crisis & Environmental Justice

Solar Array

Recycled Water — Arguably the greenest city in the Bay Area, Hayward this year began delivering recycled water for irrigation purposes to parks, schools, and commercial users. With a second phase to come, the recycled water system is helping reduce use of potable water amid the ongoing drought while cutting the flow of treated wastewater to San Francisco Bay.

Sustainable Energy — Through membership in East Bay Community Energy, Hayward has moved City operations and most Hayward businesses and residents onto 100-percent renewable, carbon-free sources of electricity while developing new solar energy facilities and committing to net-zero energy standards for construction of new City buildings.

Shoreline Adaptation — In partnership with other agencies, the City developed a regional strategy to respond to the threat of rising sea levels. The plan calls for phased levee raising and construction, and introduction of new resilience-building habitat, tidal marsh and wetland restoration projects. The goal: preserve ecosystems, public infrastructure and recreational features from San Lorenzo Creek to the State Route 92 bridge approach.

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