Current Opportunities to do Business with the City

Are you interested in doing business with the City of Hayward? Here you can find opportunities to participate in the competitive selection processes for which the City is currently engaged in.

Vendors wishing to provide professional consulting services may register with the Finance Department Purchasing Division to be included in the City's vendor database. While the Purchasing Division may manage the process of selecting professional consultants; the ultimate selection is done on a decentralized basis and made by the department(s) receiving the services. The vendor database will be used in determining potential vendors when a competitive selection process begins.

*Vendors interested in participating in a bid should send notice of their intent to bid directly to the department initiating the process.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Request for Qualifications (RFQs) and Requests for Information (RFIs) are listed below by due date: 


The City of Hayward is offering approximately 30 acres of vacant land in the Hayward Hills for purchase and development of up to 500 townhomes/multi-family units and 500 student beds. This site, known as Parcel Group 6: Carlos Bee Quarry is a single parcel bound by Highland Blvd. to the north, Carlos Bee Blvd. to the south, existing residential development to the west and a PG&E utility corridor to the east.


Details and the full RFP

The City of Hayward (City) is seeking proposals from qualified Consultants to prepare final construction documents for the Main Street Complete Street project (D Street to McKeever Avenue) in the City of Hayward. The Consultant will utilize a conceptual plan and cross section to develop final construction plans, specifications and estimates for bidding and construction purposes.
Over the years, the City Council has taken several actions to develop a policy that ensures the City builds streets that are safe, convenient for travel regardless of age or ability, and accommodate motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transportation riders. On March 19, 2013, the Council adopted Resolution No. 13-027, supporting a city-wide Complete Streets Policy to support the design and development of a comprehensive, integrated transportation
network to allow for safe, convenient travel along and across streets for all users. Consistent with this policy and Council’s priority of implementing complete streets elements, City staff developed a conceptual plan for complete street improvements to Main Street between D Street and McKeever Avenue. The Main Street Complete Streets project will improve pedestrian facilities and add bicycle lanes to create a safe, friendly environment for multimodal travel in the Downtown Hayward Priority Development Area. The proposed project will reduce the roadway from four to two lanes, add bulb-outs (curb extensions) at intersections, add bike lanes, improve ADA access with new curb ramps, widen sidewalks, create on-street parking opportunities that provide door zone protection for bicyclists, resurface and restripe roadways, and create an attractive, sustainable landscaping buffer along sidewalks. This project will need to evaluate the potential for incorporating green infrastructure improvements as part of the City’s Green Infrastructure plan. A common form of green infrastructure are bio-retention areas.
This project is partially funded by federal grant monies and shall adhere to all applicable federalregulations. Refer to Section 3.2 Special Requirements of this RFP for additional information.
A pre-proposal conference meeting of the relevant portions of the project will be held at the 777 “B” Street, Hayward, California 94541, on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 10:30 A.M in Conference Room 4D on the 4th Floor. The purpose of the conference meeting is to discuss City objectives, to answer proposer questions and/or to clarify City's requirements. Written addenda may be issued to all attendees if deemed appropriate and necessary by City.
This pre-proposal conference meeting is NOT mandatory but advised.
The Consultants are encouraged to promptly notify the City of Hayward in writing, of any apparent major inconsistencies, problems or ambiguities in the Scope of Services or this RFP. The request for information deadline is Friday, December 13, 2019 by 4:00 p.m. Any questions and requests for clarification/additional information shall be submitted to Alex Tat and Kathy Garcia by e-mailing and If deemed necessary, the City will provide copies of the questions and answers to all prospective consultants thru an addendum.
Submit three (3) sealed copies of the proposal (excluding costs) and three (3) sealed copies of the cost proposal portion to our office by 4:00 p.m. by Friday, January 13, 2020 to be considered for this project. Proposals shall be clearly marked: CITY OF HAYWARD – MAIN STREET COMPLETE STREET PROJECT PROPOSAL. Responses to the RFP received after that time will be returned unopened. Postmarked or emailed copies are not acceptable.
Responses to the RFP should be submitted to:
City of Hayward, Engineering & Transportation Division
777 “B” Street – Second Floor
Hayward, CA 94541
Attention: Alex Tat
Proposals shall be signed by an officer authorized to execute a contract with the City and shallcontain a statement to the effect that the proposal constitutes a firm offer for at least six months from the last day for receipt of proposals set forth in this RFP. An electronic soft copy of the proposal shall be ready and provided at the request of the City.