Together for Tennyson Business Directory

The Tennyson Road corridor represents the unique, diverse community of Hayward. Discover some of the many independent, minority-owned businesses that call the corridor home.
A green road sign that says Tennyson Rd.

Travel the globe as you experience the different international dining options or visit one of the many ethnic markets to purchase ingredients to experiment with new dishes at home.  Explore, discover, and enjoy the Tennyson Corridor! 

This is not an exhaustive list. The Economic Development team continues to add open restaurants and small businesses as they are identified. To get your favorite restaurant listed here or to share photos, please send an email to

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The maps and business lists below showcase the many businesses you can find along Tennyson Road.  Use the number stars on the maps to guide you through the district:   

Area 1: Lustig Ct. to Ruus Rd. 

Green and grey map of Tennyson Rd. From Mission Blvd. to Tennyson Park.

View the businesses in Area 1

Area 2: Tampa Ave. to Patrick Ave.

View the businesses in Area 2

Area 3: Hesperian Blvd. 

View the businesses in Area 3