Hayward Safe

Community Conversations on Safety and Law Enforcement in Hayward

In Hayward, we strive to be a community where everyone feels safe and supported, regardless of race or background.

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We know achieving that vision takes continuous listening, learning, and improvement. Please join us in community-led conversations to share your experiences with safety and law enforcement in Hayward, listen to your neighbors, and build a shared vision of what safety means to our community. These conversations are taking place in partnership with Chabot College and Cal State East Bay student and faculty. 


Ways to Participate in September & October 2020

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  ⇒ Host a discussion group
  ⇒ Sign up to be interviewed
  ⇒ Interview others

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Data Sharing

As of October 25, we have heard from 754 community members. The map below shows the responses from the 481 community members who consented to have their data shared anonymously on the website. You can view responses by racial/ethnic categories, age categories, and gender. 

A few notes on this data:

  • The locations on the map are placed in the vicinity of a cross street or landmark close to the participant and are not a representation of the respondent's actual location.
  • Participants self-identified their race or ethnicity. For the purposes of this map, staff has combined categories to make it easier to read. The full self-identified list can be seen here.
  • Staff has attempted to remove and profanity or offensive language. If you notice anything of concern, please reach out to community@hayward-ca.gov.
  • If you have issues with this map, try viewing it in a different brower.