Recycled Water Rates

Special Notice: The City of Hayward is currently proposing adjustments to its water rates, sewer rates, and rate structure. More information about the proposed rate adjustments can be found here. However, no adjustments are being proposed to the recycled water rates for Fiscal Year 2022 or Fiscal Year 2023.
The City of Hayward is currently implementing its Recycled Water Project in an effort to provide a locally sustainable and drought-proof supply of recycled water to customers for irrigation and industrial uses. Learn more about the recycled water project here.

What do recycled water rates pay for?

Recycled water rates are established to pay for the costs of treatment and delivery of recycled water to customers and are determined through an assessment of revenue requirements and anticipated recycled water purchase volumes. The proposed bimonthly recycled water bills would consist of two parts: 1) the fixed service fee, which pays for services that do not vary with the volume of recycled water purchased, such as meter maintenance; and 2) the recycled water usage fee, which pays for costs associated with water consumption, such as the pipeline maintenance and energy related expenses.

What is the adopted rate?

The adopted recycled water rate is comprised of a uniform rate schedule for all recycled water customers, which is a minimum 25% reduction compared to non-residential potable water usage rate.

Recycled water service fees, which are based on meter size, pay for the fixed costs associated with providing service, such as billing, customer service, debt service obligations, meter service, and repairs. The fees do not vary with the quantity of water purchased.


Who can I contact if I have questions about the recycled water rates?

For more information, call the Public Works & Utilities Department at (510) 583-4700 or email us at

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