Sea Level Rise

Climate change is causing the seas to rise, a reality that could cause severe flooding in Hayward if left unaddressed.

Local, state, and global actions are necessary to curb climate change, and the City of Hayward already has a number of initiatives in place to address its effects -- but even if the entire world were to stop all GHG emissions today, there would still be a rise in sea levels across the globe. As a community adjacent to the San Francisco Bay, Hayward is particularly vulnerable to this threat.  

To learn more about the causes, impacts, and considerations for sea level rise, check out this memo: Sea Level Rise & Land Development in Hayward.

Shoreline Adaptation Master Plan

The Hayward Area Shoreline Planning Agency (HASPA) has prepared a Shoreline Adaptation Master Plan to determine the policies and projects necessary to prepare for sea level rise along the Hayward Shoreline. Click here to lean more about the Shoreline Adaptation Master Plan.

Mitigating Sea Level Rise

To help mitigate sea level rise, consider taking actions to reduce your carbon footprint. You can also educate others about sea level rise and attend workshops at the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center to learn more about the importance of marshes and the natural flood protection they provide.

Developers should work with City Planners to evaluate how their project site will be impacted by sea level rise and think about adaptation measures that can be taken to decrease that impact. For technical guidance related to sea level rise and land development, check out this memo: Land Development in Areas Subject to Sea Level Rise and contact a City Planner by emailing