Water conservation rebates

The City of Hayward offers the following water conservation rebates to Hayward water customers: Lawn Conservation, High Efficiency Toilets, and Rain Barrels.

For more informaion about any of our rebates, please call 510.583.4700.

Lawn Conversion Program

The City of Hayward Lawn Conversion Program provides rebates to approved customers who convert water-thirsty lawns into water-efficient landscapes. The Lawn Conversion Program will run until June 30, 2019, or until funds last. Funding is limited and applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Program Brochure and Application.

Rebate Amount
Front Yards and Areas Visible to the Public:  $0.75 per square foot of lawn converted
Backyards and Areas Not Visible to the Public:  $0.50 per square foot of lawn converted
Additional Sheet Mulching Rebate:  $0.25 extra per square foot of lawn converted using sheet mulching

Want to double your Rebate? The State of California is offering a rebate for converting your lawn to water-efficient landscaping. The State Rebate Program is separate from the City of Hayward's rebate and follows its own rules and application requirements. Read more about the State Rebate Program.

High Efficiency Toilets

Hayward Water Customers can get rebates of $100 per toilet if you replace an existing toilet with a MaP Premium HET or $50 if you replace an existing toilet with a standard EPA WaterSense Labeled HET. Program Brochure and Application.

High Efficiency Toilets (HETs) are modern efficient toilets designed to use at least 20 percent less water than standard low flow toilets. HETs use 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) or less. MaP Premium HETs represent the most efficient toilets available in the market and use 1.06 gallons per flush or less.

Check the list of qualifying models before you buy and look for the EPA WaterSense Label on the box. Rebates are limited to 3 per residential account or 10 per commercial account. Toilet installation and application postmark must be completed within 90 days of purchase date.

Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels

Did you know that 1,000 square feet of roof surface captures 625 gallons of water for every 1 inch of rain fall? Rain barrels are used to collect rainwater from hard surfaces such as rooftops and store it for later use. Hayward Water customers can get rebates of $50 per rain barrel. Rebates are limited to 2 per single family account or 4 per multi-family or commercial account.

To obtain your rebate, submit your rebate application, along with your purchase receipt and post-installation photos, to the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency via mail at 155 Bovet Road Suite 650, San Mateo, CA 94402.