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February 29, 2024 - California Air Resources Board

The City of Hayward has been recently awarded the California Air Resource Board’s Clean Mobility in Schools/Sustainable Transportation Equity Project FY22-23 grant funding for the Safe Routes and Active Transportation for Schools and Underserved Communities in Hayward Project. The project includes a citywide bike voucher program to promote active transportation and provide a path to affordable ownership for Hayward residents. The bike voucher program is expected to be available in 2026. 

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E-Bikes: Sustainable Transportation

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Hayward's Climate Change Strategy promotes e-Bike ownership to cut greenhouse gas emissions. E-bikes offer a fun, versatile way to travel, expanding biking accessibility for all!


The city's Micromobility Feasibility Study, finished in late 2023, offers short-term solutions to reduce driving, parking demand, and boost walking, biking, and transit. By embracing e-bikes, Hayward advances towards eco-friendly transportation.

A climate leader, Hayward adopted the original Climate Action Plan (CAP) in 2009, reaffirming its dedication to sustainability. In January 2024, the City Council unanimously approved an updated CAP targeting a 15% increase in bike, e-bike, e-scooter, and walking commuters by 2030, slashing 6,485 metric tons of CO2.

E-bikes not only cut emissions but also foster an eco-conscious community, enhancing fitness and well-being.

Join us in choosing e-Bikes for a greener, safer, and livelier Hayward!

Your Voice Matters! Take our E-Bike Survey for a Greener Tomorrow:

Your opinion is a powerful force for positive change, and we invite you to be a part of a initiative that will shape the future of sustainable transportation in our community.  

Why Your Participation Matters:  

Each e-bike purchased can keep nearly 500 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere annually. By sharing your experiences and preferences regarding e-bike usage, you contribute directly to shaping the City’s plans to transform mobility and foster greener healthier communities.  

Help us understand

  • Your current perceptions and knowledge about e-bikes.
  • Factors influencing your choice or hesitation in adopting e-bikes. 
  • The impact of e-bike use on your daily life, health, and the environment. 
  • Your suggestions for making e-bikes more accessible and appealing in our community.  
Questions? Contact: Fred Clay, Project Coordinator | or (510) 583-4772