Micromobility Feasibility Study

Project Overview:

The Hayward Micromobility Feasibility Study will review the feasibility of a new shared micromobility program in Hayward. The study will help the city develop a sustainable vision for micromobility in Hayward that serves the transportation needs of residents, workers, and visitors. The study will include analysis of:

  • Micromobility vehicle types
  • Operations and partnership models
  • Transit integration
  • Program costs and funding options
  • Micromobility programs across the Bay Area

The outcome of the study will be a Final Feasibility Study Report that includes findings from community feedback and technical analysis, as well as an Implementation Plan.

What is Micromobility?

Micromobility is a term that describes forms of transportation that are small, low-speed, human or electric-powered. They are built for one rider at a time and include bicycles, electric bicycles (e-bikes), scooters, and electric scooters (e-scooters).

Shared micromobility refers to the organized operation of a fleet of micromobility vehicles that individuals can rent out. In Hayward, a shared micromobility system would provide additional transportation options that support traveling in the city without a car, improve connections to work, school, and transit, and reduce parking demand and traffic congestion. 

A few local examples of shared micromobility programs include the regional Bay Wheels bikeshare program, Fremont’s Shared Active Transportation Program, and San Ramon’s Micromobility Pilot.


Public Involvement:

We need your feedback on micromobility! Take our survey to share how you currently travel in Hayward, and provide your input on the priorities, opportunities, and potential challenges of a shared micromobility program.

Take our survey

We’ll also be popping up at local community events in February 2023 to share more information about the study. 

  1. Hayward Farmer’s Market: Saturday, Feb. 4 from 9am – 1pm
  2. South Hayward BART station: Thursday, Feb. 23 from 3pm-7pm
Have any questions about the Micromobility Feasibility Study? Please contact: Byron Tang, Senior Transportation Engineer, (510) 583-4784 | Email