Trash Capture Devices Keep Hayward Waterways Clean

November 28, 2023

Keeping trash out of waterways is essential to maintaining a healthy ecosystem. In Hayward, every rain washes trash down storm drains where it is carried to creeks and to the Bay. As part of Hayward’s trash reduction efforts, the City has invested in infrastructure called trash capture devices to stop trash before it flows into the storm drain system and contaminates waterways. Check out how the trash capture devices work and how they are installed in this video that documents the process.

Trash capture devices filter stormwater and separate trash as small as cigarette butts and plastic wrappers, allowing the clean water to pass through. These devices are installed underground adjacent to storm drains and the captured trash can be easily collected through manholes. The City has a network of approximately 630 devices; the most recent large trash capture devices were installed in August on Tennyson Avenue near Interstate 880. Locations are strategically chosen to maximize impact and have resulted in a 97.7% reduction in litter that flows into the Bay.

The City must have all trash removed from stormwater systems by 2025. Trash capture devices are going to be instrumental in reaching this goal, but Hayward residents can play a big part by correctly disposing of trash, picking up litter, and participating in the City’s Adopt-A-Block program.