Five ways to make 2021 your greenest year yet

January 26, 2021

Start the new year off right with these carbon-conscious new year’s resolutions.

Walk or bike when car use can be avoided. The transportation sector is responsible for 65 percent of Hayward’s greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing reliance on cars when possible will be critical to reducing these emissions and eventually achieving the City’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2045.

Go electric by replacing your gas appliances. Conserve energy, lower your bills, and reduce the indoor air pollutants emitted into your home by swapping your natural gas water heater for a heat pump water heater or your gas-powered stove for an induction cooktop.

Upgrade your East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) plan to 100 percent renewable energy. When you opt up to EBCE’s Renewable 100 plan, your home will be powered exclusively by California solar and wind energy. Reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources helps cut greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and brings Hayward closer to its local clean energy and sustainability goals. Visit to upgrade today.

Skip the single use disposables. Instead, try carrying your own reusable bag, water bottle, coffee cup, straw, utensils, and cloth napkins. When that is not possible, reuse products like jars, plastic containers, and paper bags to help divert that waste from the landfill.

Shop local at the Hayward Farmers Market every Saturday from 9am to 1pm. Local produce has a smaller carbon footprint and supports our local workforce. If you receive CalFresh Benefits, you can double your food stamp value up to $10 at the Farmer’s Market. Learn more about this program at