Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters: Save Money and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

What is a Heat Pump Water Heater? 

Heat pump water heaters (HPWH) are all-electric, high-efficiency water heaters that, unlike gas-powered water heaters and electric resistance water heaters, heat water by transferring heat from the surrounding air rather than creating new heat. Heat pumps work like your kitchen refrigerator, but in reverse. Transferring heat rather than creating it allows HPWHs to be up to four times more efficient than gas and electric resistance water heaters, conserving power and reducing your energy bill.


Climate Friendly - HPWHs use electricity instead of fossil fuels like natural gas to heat water. Most Hayward residents receive carbon-free energy from Ava Community Energy, allowing any HPWH in Hayward to meet resident's hot water needs without contributing to climate change. Hayward residents who replace a gas-powered water heater with a HPWH can cut their home's greenhouse gas emission nearly in half! 

Save on Energy Costs - HPWH models are up to four times more energy efficient than gas-powered or electric resistance water heaters, allowing residents to heat water with less energy. Additionally, many HPWH models can be programed to heat your water when energy is cheapest throughout the day. Residents who replace a gas-powered water heater with a HPWH can save hundreds each year. 

Healthier Air in Your Home - Gas-powered water heaters burn fossil fuels releasing Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) into your home. Without proper ventilation, this diminishes indoor air quality and increases the chances of asthma and other respiratory illnesses. HPWHs are all-electric and combustion-free, leaving your indoor air clean and healthy year-round.  

Get Up To $6,600 Back When Switching to a HPWH 

Local, State, and Federal HPWH incentives can save customers thousands on their HPWH upgrades. Homeowners can receive $400 back through the BayREN Home+ program when the install is performed by a participating contractor,and an additional $300 in Federal tax credits is available. Up to $2,800 is available when a panel upgrade is necessary through TECH Clean California (when the entire unit will be all-electric after the panel upgrade). Contractors performing the install can also receive an additional $1,000 from BayREN and $3,000 from TECH Clean California. Hayward residents can apply to each program they are eligible for in order to maximize their rebates and savings.

Learn more at https://avaenergy.org/hotwater/ and https://energy-solution.com/tech-incentives/.