Anti-Discrimination Plan update

December 12, 2017

An update to the city’s 1992 Anti-Discrimination Action Plan, formally accepted by the City Council last month, calls for a wide range of city actions to build trust and participation in local government across all population groups.

Called the Commitment for an Inclusive, Equitable and Compassionate Community (CIECC), the CIECC Action Plan is the work of a special Community Task Force appointed in January following the 2016 national election and amid heightened concern about the local impact of anticipated changes in federal immigration laws and enforecement.

The Task Force, originally chartered with 20 members, undertook a program of community outreach and interviews to gather public input, and deliberated over a period of nine months on a set of recommended strategies and next steps. Its first recommendation was acted on in June when the Council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution formally declaring Hayward a Sanctuary City.

Accepted by the Council on Nov. 28, the CIECC contains dozens more recommendations for implementing the Sanctuary declaration; combatting discrimination; promoting cross-cultural

understanding; and improving accessibility to city services, participation in civic life, and trust in local government and law enforcement, especially among foreign-born residents.

For more information on the CIECC, visit the Community Task Force website.