Conserve Water

We all have a role to play in helping to conserve water. Learn what you can do cut back on water use and potentially save a few dollars along the way! 

Watch how this Hayward resident cut her water bill by using the City's rebate programs:

Free Water Efficient Devices

The City offers water conserving showerheads and faucet aerators at no cost to Hayward water customers. Learn how to get yours.

Rebates for your Home

Hayward water customers can also take advantages of water conservation rebates available for rain barrels and lawn conversions. 

Green Hayward PAYS 

The Green Hayward PAYS Pilot program has been discontinued. For more information, please click here.  

Multifamily Rebates & No-Cost Consulting for Energy and Water Savings

Green Energy Upgrade California's Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancements offers cash rebates and no-cost energy consulting for multifamily properties that undertake energy and water upgrades. The program assists in planning energy savings improvements designed to save 15% or more of the building's energy and water usage and provides $750 per unit in rebates to help pay for the upgrade.  

Green House Calls

The City of Hayward partners with Rising Sun Center for Opportunity to provide Green House Calls to Hayward residents.

Rising Sun employs young adults, ages 15 to 22, for seven weeks each summer. The Rising Sun Energy Center hires and trains these young specialists to serve communities across the Bay Area with no-cost home energy and water assessments, or Green House Calls. At each Green House Call, specialists check the home for efficiency and install energy and water-saving equipment such as energy-efficient lighting, high-efficiency aerators, showerheads, clotheslines, and power strips. Specialists also provide personalized recommendations for further savings. Residents can sign up for a Green House Call here.

CYES House Call
California Youth Energy Specialists replace a shower head during a green house call

Tips and Resources

Hayward is currently meeting its water conservation goals and there is more we can do. Have questions about any of these tips? Call 510.583.4700.

Saving water can be done with simple changes. See water saving tips at

Rainwater can be used to irrigate your yard. Rain barrels can be purchased with the help of our City’s rebate program to store rainwater for those not so rainy days.

Monitor your water usage. Learn how to read your meter to see how much water you are using and check for leaks.

Native Garden
This beautiful Hayward garden uses native, drought-resistant plants

Garden Bay Friendly

Bay-friendly landscaping isn’t limited to a particular style, it is instead an approach to landscaping that is environmentally friendly, water-conserving, and can be a great addition to your home. Follow the links below to understand how to create a healthy bay-friendly garden and discover resources available to you to help in the process!

Landscape classes are a great way to get started. The City of Hayward offers water efficient landscape classes to residents in the Spring and Fall. Also, the Hayward Library has a Seed Lending Library that offers classes and tips on smart gardening. StopWaste also offers Gardening Talks and other events regarding water-saving landscape practices. Check out their upcoming events page to learn about what they offer.

See what a bay-friendly garden looks like. Alameda County Master Gardeners have demonstration gardens in Oakland and Livermore that you can visit to view and learn about the techniques behind drought-tolerant landscaping and vegetable gardens. The Master Gardeners also offer a variety of workshops open to the public, which can be viewed on their website calendar.

Sheet mulching is a sustainable way to turn your lawn into a garden without the use of harmful chemicals. Visit StopWaste's Lawn to Garden Marketplace for comprehensive information on sheet mulching.