Air Quality

Learn about the air you breathe and the agency that monitors air pollution in the bay area.
Climate Change and Adaptation

Learn about the potential effects of climate change on your community and what the City of Hayward is doing to address this important environmental issue.
Creeks and Bay

Did you ever wonder where the extra water goes during a rainstorm? Learn about how stormwater runs into Hayward’s creeks and eventually into the bay.
Parks and Recreation

With more than 3,000 acres of parks and open space featuring 20 miles of running and hiking trails, the City of Hayward is filled with outdoor recreation opportunities.
Urban Forest

Did you know Hayward has been a Certified Tree City for 29 years? Learn about the many benefits of urban trees and what the City is doing to keep them healthy.

Learn what happens to your trash, recycling, and compost after it's hauled away by the garbage truck.

Learn about where your wastewater goes after you wash, shower, and flush.
Water Supply

Learn about how water gets from the snow-capped mountains of Yosemite to your tap.

Hayward's Sulphur Creek Nature Center and Shoreline Interpretive Center allow community members to get up close and personal with local wildlife and ecosystems.