Sustainability Dashboard

The City Council has established ambitious environmental goals for Hayward. The Sustainability Dashboard shows how we are doing and how much further we have to go.

Hayward staff is tracking approximately fifty environmental metrics to measure our progress. The Sustainability Dashboard displays the six priority metrics for the Hayward community. See real-time energy performance data for Hayward City Hall.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Water Conservation

Waste Diversion

Electricity Reduction

Natural Gas Reduction

Trash in Our Creeks

We love data and we need your help. The City tracks data on each of its goals. Unfortunately, City staff doesn’t have the resources to track everything. If you are a teacher, student, or volunteer who loves data, check out our data wish list below. If you are interested in completing a data collection project with us, please contact or call 510.583.4700.

Data Wish List

  • Bike mapping - how bike friendly are Hayward streets and what more should we do?
  • Survey of community gardens in Hayward
  • Residential needs assessment for energy conservation
  • Business needs assessment for composting
  • Residential and business needs assessments for solar installations