Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Birthday Celebration Event

Hayward community leaders, the Hayward South Alameda County NAACP, Chabot College, Hayward Unified School District and the City of Hayward invite Hayward residents to enjoy a special tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
MLK event postcard


The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebration held annually in Hayward on the evening of the Martin Luther King national holiday and scheduled to take place on Jan. 17 is being postponed this year as a precautionary measure due to surging coronavirus infections.

In its place, the City of Hayward, in partnership with the Dr. King Birthday Celebration event committee, the Hayward-South Alameda County NAACP, Hayward Unified School District and Chabot College, will rebroadcast and stream the 2021 virtual celebration event on KHRT cable TV channel 15 and the City's YouTube channel starting at 4:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 17.

Where to watch

The event committee, sponsoring organizations and Hayward community leaders are working to schedule an alternative time, date and place to celebrate and recognize Dr. King’s legacy in 2022, and present the annual keynote address, musical tributes and awards that traditionally take place during the Birthday Celebration. Subscribe to our e-newsletter, The Stack, to recieve updates. 

Carl Baker-Madsen, City of Hayward, Ret.

Marilyn Baker-Madsen, City of Hayward, Ret.

Freddy M. Davis, President, Hayward South Alameda County NAACP

Zachary Ebadi, City of Hayward

Bernadette Fife, Chabot College

Chuck Finnie, City of Hayward

Barbara Halliday, Mayor, City of Hayward

Bonnie Hansen, Alpha Omega Delta Kappa Gamma

Dionicia Ramos, Hayward Unified School District

Michael Sweeney, Former Mayor, City of Hayward

Nick Tabari, City of Hayward

Dr. Matt Wayne, Superintendent, Hayward Unified School District

Virginia Williamson, Alpha Omega Delta Kappa Gamma

Connie Willis, Community Member

Deonne Kunkel-Woo, Chabot College

Ralph Morales, 2020

Chuck Horner, 2019

Kay Thomas, 2019

Blytha Bowers, 2018

Zachary Ebadi, 2017

Kari McAllister, 2016

Sheryl Boykins, 2015

Carl & Marilyn Baker-Madsen, 2014

Darryl McAllister, 2013

Freedom Reign, 2012

Former Mayor Michael Sweeney, 2011

Charles Plummer, 2010

Gail Steele, 2010

Reverend John Thomas, 2009

Odessa Staggers, 2008

Valerie Snart, 2007

Bishop J. W. Macklin, 2006

Francisco Zermeño, 2005

AmeriCorps, Chabot College, 2004

Kathi Booth, 2003

Nancy Schluntz, 2003

Sandra Iglehart, 2002

Marilyn Baker-Madsen, 2001

Venius Winn, 2000

Gloria Grant-Wilson, 1999

James Knuppe, 1998

Carol Henrie, 1997

Clarence Gilmore, 1997

Carolyn Greene, 1996

Marlin Foxworth, 1996

Alwine Fenton, 1995

Freddye M. Davis, 1994

Michael Bell, 1993