Mural Program

The Mural Art Program was created in 2009 to fight the chronic graffiti and blight problem in the City of Hayward. Back then, graffiti comprised 35% of all reported vandalism cases.

Beloved mural finds a new home at local school

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three old cars racing down a dirt path surrounded by orchards. Greetings from Haywards California written across the top

Greetings from Haywards Mural, Hayward Historical Society wall - by J. Powell
The idea behind the program was to deter graffiti by installing beautiful mural artwork throughout the city on:
  • commercial buildings
  • schools
  • utility boxes
  • fire hydrants
  • benches
  • underpasses
  • other sidewalk fixtures


Yellow building with blue letters spelling out Longwood Elementary School. Beneath that are the faces of three lions
Longwood Elementary School Lions Mural - by S. Gayle
Today, the program has changed into something much more. The murals have not only helped with the graffiti problem, but they have also made our City more beautiful. The program has become an important part of the City Council’s priorities of a safe, clean, green and thriving community.

We have also seen the program:

  • create jobs
  • boost civic pride
  • highlight our cultural diversity
  • enrich our community
  • create a sense of community identity


Brightly colored swirls, leaves, fish and a fox on a concrete wall
Three panels from the Jackson Street Mural - by J.
Over the years we have been able to grow the program and build strong partnerships with our community. This includes:
  • artists
  • business owners
  • schools
  • volunteers (at least 1,000 throughout the Bay Area)
  • property owners
  • private organizations like PG&E, Union Pacific Rail Road and Hayward Unified School District


Kids sitting on benches with their backs turned towards you. They are all in baseball uniforms.
Field of Dreams Mural, Sorensdale Park - by A. Knight Kong
To view the artwork and their locations, join us on a virtual tour using the interactive map below.

interactive map